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Overworked & Underpaid?

Being a contractor is the toughest business in the world. Lots of moving parts and nothing in your control. And even if you do a good job, making money and getting paid is not easy either. I keep hearing the…

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Are You Making Hay While The Sun Shines?

Summer Is HOT! Working Harder & Busier Than Ever! Over the last several months I have been working one on one with over 50 different construction business owners. Everyone is looking for ways to improve their companies and tools to…

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Construction Field, Project Management & Productivity Systems

Construction Project Management Classes, Construction Courses & Training - Want To Organize Your Field & Construction Project Management Systems? - Want To Stop Making Every Field and Crew Decision Yourself? - Want To Get Your Construction Project Management In-Control? - Want To Deliver Consistent Field & Construction Productivity…

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