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Welcome to Hardhat BIZSCHOOL

 The Online University for Contractors

 Learn How to GROW & PROFIT

Several Different Training Options! Consume the info the way that fits your needs best. Choose one or as many options as you like.

Option 1:

This is a great way to start! Check out George’s business bookstore, with all of his best-selling books, workbooks, CD’s & more! Purchase George’s latest book “Get Your Construction Business To Always Make A Profit!” which includes a step-by-step BIZ-BUILDER Blueprint Action Plan.


George’s New Book Now Available!

Option 2:

Hardhat Online Courses

The Ultimate in Online Construction Business Training Courses!  These online courses are designed to help you build and grow your construction business, make more money, get organized, and always make a profit. They are professionally recorded and can be downloaded to your computer or laptop to be viewed anytime so you can learn at your own pace.

George’s New Leadership Training Course

How To Lead, Manage, Supervise & Coach A Winning Team!

For Owners, Managers, Supervisors & Foreman!

This ‘hands-on’ downloadable course is broken into 9 short 30 minute training modules designed to be presented at company meetings, training sessions or in person. It will show your foremen, managers and leaders how to become effective leaders and improve bottom-line results. George Hedley presents in his interactive ‘real-world’ direct style how winning coaches get players and teams to perform in the office or out on the job site. You’ll watch him share proven effective leadership and management techniques using PowerPoint slides and a detailed workbook with examples, systems and checklists as he walks you through the fundamentals needed to build strong teams and improve project performance.

Option 3:

Hardhat BIZ-BUILDER Boot Camp

George holds a 2 day hands-on BIZ-BUILDER BOOT CAMP Action Plan workshops around the country 2 to 4 times per year. Draft your 5 year BIZ-PLAN to take your company to the next level, set goals, grow, determine your markup to make more profit, get organized, install systems, build a strong management team, attract higher margin customers, install financial scorecards, and build a business that works for you.

Option 4:


You can’t win without a great construction business coach! Ongoing monthly BIZCOACH programs are designed to help you successfully run your construction business, make more money, win more contracts, and get in-control. You get regular training, personal advice and help with decisions and direction from the leading construction business coach in the country.

Option 5:


Stop running your company alone! Qualified construction company owners are invited to join an ongoing mastermind peer Construction Business Owner BIZGROUP that meets twice a year with like-minded owners facilitated by George Hedley. Learn from other successful executives, get input and advice, share best practices, develop lasting relationships and have fun.



Hardhat Presentations

Need a Great Speaker at Your Next Meeting or Convention?  George Hedley CSP is one of the top certified speaking professional available to help make your next meeting a success. Whether you need a motivational keynote speaker or a ‘nuts and bolts’ business construction seminar or workshop, he can make it happen for you at your association convention or company meeting.


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