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Are You Building A Management Team Run Company?

Why Won’t You Put the Right Players In the Right Positions With the Right Talent So You Can Get Your BIZ To Move To the Next Level?

The number 1 Goal of most construction BIZ owners is to have a management team run company that’s organized, systemized, and makes high margins.

The number 1 Problem of most construction business owners is that they won’t hire “A” players to run their company.

Rather than building a great management team, they continue to fear hiring top players for the positions they need to fill. Instead of doing what they need to do to reach their goal, they do too much themselves, don’t delegate, won’t hire, and stay stuck at the level they can handle being in charge of too many things themselves.

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What Does Your ORG Chart Look Like?
Over the last several months, I have held many company planning retreats and have worked with business owners on their plan to grow and make more money. As part of the workshop, we layout their company Organization Chart and who is accountable and responsible for what tasks.

Almost always the owner has their name in too many boxes. The common thread is the need to delegate and hire more people to get their business to move to the next level.

Why won’t BIZ owners hire more people?
What are they afraid of? Without more people, companies can’t grow. Owners tend to postpone and resist hiring because they’re afraid of the risk of new people. Remember that No Risk = No Rewards!

The excuse that “I Can’t Find Any Good People” is just an excuse to do nothing, not try, and not make a decision. If you were the head coach of a professional sports team and didn’t have enough top players for all the positions, you couldn’t win many games. The same is true in your company!

Who is in charge of attracting top players and hiring in your company? If nobody is assigned with this task, it won’t happen. And if you don’t make hiring a top priority, you won’t find any good help or managers to take your company to the next level. And you’ll never reach your goals of a management team run business.

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Need Help With Your ORG CHART?

Want to build a management team run company?

I can help you develop the next steps to take to get your company organized and systemized to get to the next level. Send an email to set a time to talk about your company and where you want it to go. George Hedley’s Email

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Best In Class Construction Companies take the time to WORK-ON their businesses. They realize that the only way to get better is to stop and identify what they need to FIX, set goals to improve what they need to do, assign team players to make it happen, and commit to get together on a regular basis to meet and track the progress.

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