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Are You Making Hay While The Sun Shines?

Summer Is HOT!
Working Harder & Busier Than Ever!
Over the last several months I have been working one on one with over 50 different construction business owners. Everyone is looking for ways to improve their companies and tools to make more money and grow.

Are You Making Hay While The Sun Shines 1


Washington DC – 20 Attendees

As the economy gets better, most are looking for ways how to get organized and move to the next level. Several have committed to getting involved with a peer mastermind group to learn from other business owners and be accountable for bottom-line results.

Are You Making Hay While The Sun Shines 2

Lang Masonry Contractors – 2015 Annual Retreat

Some companies are working on developing a dual mark-up rate plan to win more work at the right margins. Other companies are working on ways to get their field productivity results to match their estimated bid rates for labor and equipment to reduce profit margin fade.

Are You Making Hay While The Sun Shines 3

A. J. Penna & Son – 2 Day Company Workshop

Some companies are working to build teamwork and improving customer satisfaction performance. Others are working on building a strong management team and scorecards for their crews. And some owners want to develop a transition plan as they plan on reducing their personal workload in the near future.

Are You Making Hay While The Sun Shines 4

E-Z Excavation Inc.


Some construction companies in good markets want to improve their BID-HIT win ratio and expand their their customer base and win more high margin work. and other want to get more organized and install BIZ-Systems to get everyone on the same page.

Are You Making Hay While The Sun Shines 5

Best In Class Construction Companies take the time to WORK-ON their businesses. They realize that the only way to get better is to stop and identify what they need to FIX, set goals to improve what they need to do, assign team players to make it happen, and commit to get together on a regular basis to meet and track the progress.

Are You Making Hay While The Sun Shines 6

George & Alana Hedley Golfing In Puerto Rico

As the hot summer heat continues, don’t forget to take some well deserved time off to enjoy the reason you work so hard!

Remember – The Reason You’re In BIZ

Is to Enjoy the Benefits of BIZ Ownership!