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Books, Online Courses & CD Plus Workbook Sets by George Hedley


George's Latest Book, Get Your Construction Business To Always Make A Profit!


Includes step-by-step systems to build a profitable business. You can get your construction business to move to the next level, get organized and systemized, build an accountable responsible team, charge the right mark-up, always make a profit, and work exactly the way you want by drafting your BIZ-BUILDER Blueprint Action Plan.

Get Your Business To Work!


7 Steps To Earning More, Working Less, And Living the Life You Want.

On Purpose ...On Target!


How To Balance Your Business & Personal Life To Get Everything You Want!

Hardhat Online Courses

The Ultimate in Online Construction Business Training Courses! These online courses are designed to help you build and grow your construction business, make more money, get organized, and always make a profit. They are professionally recorded and can be downloaded to your computer or laptop to be viewed anytime so you can learn at your own pace.

CD Plus Workbook Sets

Construction Financial Management 101 - Workbook & CD Sets

$49.00  (Regular price $67)

Accounting Systems & Controls To Build Profits

Includes 45 Page Workbook & 3 audio CD’s

General Contracts & Subcontracts 101 - Workbooks & CDs

$49.00  (Regular price $67)

What To Know Before Signing A Construction Contract

Includes 41 Page Workbook & 2 audio CD’s

Profit Driven Estimating & Bidding Strategies That Work! - Workbook & CD Set

$49.00  (Regular price $67)

Calculate Accurate Costs – Win More Profitable Work

Includes 47 Page Workbook & 3 audio CD’s

Profit Driven Leadership! - Workbook & CD Set

$49.00  (Regular price $67)

How Leaders Achieve Bottom-Line Results Through People

Includes 45 Page Workbook & 3 audio CD’s

$ell More Than Price! - Workbook & CD Set

$49.00  (Regular price $67)

Marketing & Sales Strategies To Build Loyal Customers

Includes 49 Page Workbook & 3 audio CD’s

Work A Little- Make A Lot - Workbook & CD Sets

$49.00  (Regular price $67)

How To Build An On Purpose On Target Business – Workbook & CD Set

Includes 41 Page Workbook & 3 audio CD’s

On Purpose... On Target! - Workbook & CD Sets

$49.00  (Regular price $67)

How To Balance Your Business & Personal Life – Workbook & 4 Hours Audio CDs

Includes 48 Page Workbook & 2 audio CD’s


ONLY $199 (Regular price $534)

NEW YEAR Special – 63% Off – We are cleaning out our closet and getting rid of our complete BIZ-BUILDER Workbook & CD series plus a few of our books.

Includes ALL of George’s 7 Workbook/CD kits, PLUS 3 Books