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Does BUSY Make You More Money?

Does BUSY Make You More Money

A busy business keeps you busy doing things faster and faster. Busy keeps your key people overworked without time to plan, prepare, think, bill correctly, or get change orders approved before you do the work. Busy doesn’t allow time to sit down with your foreman to review their job cost production reports every week to make adjustments to improve their results. Busy doesn’t allow you to go out and find better customers or projects with less competition. Busy forces you to make quick decisions without proper research or due diligence, like hiring the wrong person or saying yes to demanding customers. Busy keeps you stressed-out and takes you away from doing what you want or gives you the highest reward for the effort.

Even though you are super busy, are you making the money you should be? Doing more with the same managers and staff doesn’t make you more efficient. In fact, it reduces the ability of people to perform at their highest level.

Estimators don’t have time to get another quote. Project managers don’t have enough time to visit their jobs often enough to fend off potential problems. General superintendents never get around to training when they are too busy. And jobs get left unfinished when you move crews too early off to the next job. All of these challenges cost you cash.

What Can You Do To Make More Money?
The key to making more money is getting more organized and systemized. Getting everyone to do things the standardized company way. Holding meetings to track production performance, train, and organize your crews to be more efficient. And allowing you to plan out your future and be more strategic.

When you’re too busy and don’t have enough help to run your company, you react all day and put out fires. This causes you to stay busier and not allow you to make any more money, find higher margin projects, or fix the problems that cost you the big bucks.

Perhaps it is time to take a day or two to stop & plan out how to make more money in the near future!