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You Can Finish Every Construction Project On-Time & Under-Budget!

– Want To Organize Your Field & Project Management?

– Want To Stop Making Every Decision Yourself?

– Want To Get Organized & In-Control?

– Want To Deliver Consistent Field Results?

– Want To Replace Yourself With Standardized Systems

– Want To Improve Your Workmanship & Productivity?

– Want To Make More Money In The Field?

Learn how to get organized and in-control of your construction field

and project management systems
to deliver consistent results and hit

your project goals.

Tired of making every important construction operation decision including negotiating contracts, scheduling field crews, ordering materials, doing the project paperwork, and calling subcontractors and suppliers for your field foreman and superintendents? You can get your field supervisors and project managers to follow a standardized system that delivers exactly what you want on every job every time. By learning how to replace yourself with companywide systems, you’ll have more free time to focus on your priorities that will make your construction company more money.

Only the top 5% of all construction companies use proven field,

project management and productivity systems that work

and deliver bottom-line results on every project.


Most construction company owners and managers don’t take the time to learn, create, implement, monitor and track operational systems that deliver the same results every time.

In this online course titled:

Construction Field, Project Management
& Productivity Systems

That Work!

you’ll learn these key success factors:

1. How to create a company ‘DO”manual to follow

2. Get every manager & supervisor on the same page

3. Implement proven field paperwork & tracking systems

4. Standardize field operations and meetings

5. Monitor and achieve project goals and objectives

6. Finish projects with superior quality and workmanship

7. Improve project profits with proven systems

“I want to show you how to standardize your construction operations

to improve your quality, schedules, safety & profitability!”

– George Hedley

7 Reasons You Must Watch This 5 Hour Course!

You Will Learn How To:

1. Create and monitor standardized written construction systems!

2. Implement a proven construction paperwork system!

3. Get everyone on your team focused on achieving the same results!

4. Streamline your field and project management operations!

5. Make people accountable and responsible!

6. Let go and delegate decisions to your key supervisors!

7. Improve your field operations and make more money!

Construction Field, Project Management

& Productivity Systems That Work!

Fast track your learning curve and implement what the top contractors do to get their companies organized and in-control to produce consistent results and make lots of money. This in-depth 5 hour course is presented by George Hedley in his practical ‘nuts & bolts’ style. You’ll watch him teach, view his PowerPoint slides and follow along in the workbook as he walks you through the fundamentals needed to develop and monitor written field and project management systems to help you make more profit, finish faster, and improve field productivity.

This course is broken down into 5 ‘step-by-step’ one hour classes. Plus you’ll get a downloadable detailed workbook with clearly outlined ‘how-to’ examples, strategies, templates, systems, forms and winning ideas ready to immediately implement.

This Course Is Especially Designed For:

– General Contractors

– Subcontractors

– Specialty Contractors

– Installers

– Builders & Developers

– Service Contractors

– Suppliers & Distributors

Course Description

Make every construction project successful by following these proven basic steps and systems top contractors use to get organized and in-control of their field operations. Learn how to manage projects; coordinate and communicate with superintendents, foreman, crews and customers; monitor, manage and achieve field results; and get everyone on the same page. Implement the 7 step formula to replace yourself with written systems and how to create an operations “DO” manual for your company which will make people accountable and responsible to follow the company standards.

Includes steps and examples how to develop, implement, train, and manage systems for construction projects from start-up through completion and close-out: scheduling, budgeting, tracking project goals, getting paid fast, procurement, contract management, change order approvals, documentation, notices, claims, shop drawing approvals, job meetings, turn-over from estimating to field, required paperwork, jobsite management, meeting project milestones, quality control, safety monitoring, and punch-list completion.

Competing in the competitive construction marketplace requires every advantage possible including becoming more efficient to lower your field job costs. Learn how the best project managers, supervisors and foremen improve field productivity by leading, managing, motivating, training, setting clear project goals, tracking progress and making people accountable to achieve better results and run efficient productive field crews and teams. George Hedley will also share how to encourage workers to maximize their crew efficiency, organize their jobsites, reduce downtime, do the best they can and work as a team to produce more in less time. Improve crew performance by following proven steps for ongoing training, meetings, reporting, scheduling, recognition, incentives, rewards and implementing pro-active methods to guarantee your projects finish on-time and under budget.

George Hedley, professional business coach, author of the bestseller: “Get Your Business To Work!” and “Construction Entrepreneur of the Year” award winner will share how to implement his proven step by step Business Success Blueprint’ system to build your business and get your company to work the way you want it to and reach your business and personal goals. Create action plans to continually work on improving your business. Every contractor, builder, subcontractor, specialty contractor and supplier, large or small, will benefit. Presented with enthusiasm, high energy and lots of practical ideas.

Upon completing this program you should be able to:

  1. Replace yourself with written operational BIZ-Systems
  2. Make people accountable, delegate & produce consistent results
  3. Get everyone on the same page, get organized and in-control
  4. Finish your projects on-time and under budget
  5. Coordinate field supervisors, crews, project managers, and customers
  6. Monitor, manage & achieve field results
  7. Manage customers, contracts, documentation, paperwork, change orders, approvals, communication, meetings, and get paid fast
  8. Implement quality workmanship and build safe projects
  9. Develop paperwork procedures, and tracking systems
  10. Improve & Maximize Field Productivity

Construction Field, Project Management

& Productivity Systems That Work!

CLASSES – Each class is 1 hour:

1. Implement A Winning Field & Project Management Playbook

2. Install Written Construction BIZ-Systems That Work

3. Pro-Active Project Management, Supervision, Meetings, Contracts & Payments

4. Project Paperwork, Scheduling, Procurement, Documentation & Change Orders

5. Maximize Field Productivity, Production, Tracking & Must-Do Field Systems

Is your construction field operations efficient and achieving results?

The key is to get all of your field players following the company field standardized systems, monitor their progress, and make them accountable to achieve the results you want. The ‘Business Success Blueprint’ system works! And you can’t wait any longer to start using it. If you are still working 24-7 and aren’t getting rich, making lots of money, creating wealth that delivers huge cash-flow to you every month, something is wrong with how you do business.