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Focus On 1 BIG Thing!

Most construction BIZ owners and managers have a long list of things they’re working on all at the same time. By ‘multi-tasking’ you think you’re accomplishing a lot. But are you really moving towards your BIG goal? Staying busy keeps you busy doing the same things over and over with little movement towards what will make your really successful.

When I help BIZ-Owners to list out the BIG things they want to make happen over the next 5 years, it gets them focused on the BIG things. For example, if your BIG thing is to grow, will ordering materials or scheduling crews help you grow? If your BIG thing is to develop 10 new loyal customers, will putting another bid together help you find loyal customers? If your BIG thing is to find a strong project manager to run your projects, will visiting jobsites to check in with your foreman help you find a project manager?

What BIG thing will make your company become great? What do you need to focus on to make it happen? What do you need to do with your time to achieve your BIG thing?

Decide what area of your BIZ you want to work on first, and ask yourself the one BIG thing you must do to:
– Make your company more profitable
– Build a strong management team
– Focus on your top priorities
– Improve your field productivity
– Get your estimates more accurate
– Take your company to the next level
– Get your BIZ to work the way you want it to work