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This 5-hour online, downloadable course is presented by George Hedley in his practical and ‘nuts & bolts’ style. You’ll watch him teach plus view his PowerPoint slides as he walks you through the fundamentals needed to get your business to work, grow and profit. Each course is broken down into 5 ‘step-by-step’ classes. Plus you’ll get a downloadable detailed workbook to follow with clearly outlined ‘how-to’ examples, systems and forms ready to immediately implement.

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Become an Owner

Learn to become an owner, rather than an underpaid overworked supervisor.

Learn to Delegate

Delegate, let go and get your priorities in order.

Make a Profit

Always make a construction profit, become wealthy and generate equity.

Keep Loyal, Repeat Customers

Find and keep loyal repeat customers who give you lots of profitable work.

Retain the Best People

Build a great place to work that attracts and retains the best people.

A Business Plan that Works

Get your construction business plan to give you what you want

Enjoy the Freedom

Enjoy the freedom and benefits of owning an awesome business.

Get the course & get your business to work! ($199)

In this course you will learn:

  1. Have a Written Construction Business Plan, Vision, Targets & Goals

  2. How to Create A Structured Organization

  3. Build an Accountable & Responsible Management Team

  4. Implement Written Operational Systems To Run The Business

  5. Know Your Numbers To Make High Construction Profits

  6. Develop A Market Niche, Unique Delivery System, Product or Service

  7. Develop a Pro-Active Sales & Construction Marketing System

  8. Seek Investment Opportunities to Grow Equity & Wealth

This course is designed for:

  • General Contractors

  • Subcontractors & Specialty Contractors

  • Service Contractors

  • Installers

  • Builders & Developers

  • Suppliers & Distributors

  • Construction Business Owners & Managers