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Want To Grow Your Construction Company & Make More Money?

– Do You Know Your Numbers?

– Want To Find Better Customers?

– Want To Develop More Loyal Customers?

– Want To Get More Referrals?

– Want To Set Your Company Apart?

– Want To Negotiate More Contracts?

– Want To Professionally Present Your Company?

– Want To Stop Selling Low Price?

Learn how to set your company apart from your competition,

end the low bid syndrome, and generate a steady stream of profitable work.

Tired of looking for new customers and new jobs to bid against too many low priced competitors? The top contractors know how to differentiate their companies from the competition and win more profitable work using a proven system and strategy to grow their construction business. You can learn how to develop and implement a winning business development plan and estimating strategy that’s guaranteed to improve your bottom-line and grow your top-line with loyal customers and referrals.

Only the top 5% of all construction companies use a proven business

development, estimating, marketing and sales system that works.


The other 95% don’t know how to generate profitable repeat customers who want to give them work at their price.

In this online course titled:

‘Grow Your Construction Business!

– How To Find New Customers
& Win More Contracts

you’ll learn these key success factors:

1. Differentiate your company to win more work

2. Target customers who value what you offer

3. Develop a customer attack plan that works

4. Focus on loyalty to generate more business

5. Write your winning business development plan

6. Create a constant customer contact plan

7. Implement estimating & bidding strategies that work

“I want to show you how to GROW your construction business,

win more profitable work, develop loyal customers, and negotiate more jobs!”

– George Hedley

7 Reasons You Must Watch This 5 Hour Course!

You Will Learn How To:

1. Develop a target loyal customer target list!

2. Write your winning BIZ-Development Action Plan!

3. Develop a Marketing & Sales Plan that produces results!

4. Set your company apart from the competition!

5. Stop selling low price to win your work!

6. Negotiate more contracts and win more proposals!

7. Steadily grow your construction company with profitable work!

Grow Your Construction Business

– How To Find New Customers & Win More Contracts

Fast track your sales and estimating efforts and learn how the top contractors grow their companies to make lots of money. This in-depth 5 hour course is presented by George Hedley in his practical ‘nuts & bolts’ style. You’ll watch him teach, view his PowerPoint slides and follow along in the workbook as he walks you through the fundamentals needed to increase profitable sales, negotiate more contracts, implement a business development and marketing plan that works, develop loyal customers who don’t shop your price, generate more referrals, win more work, and make more sales.

This course is broken down into 5 ‘step-by-step’ one hour classes. Plus you’ll get a downloadable detailed workbook with clearly outlined ‘how-to’ examples, strategies, templates, systems, forms and winning ideas ready to immediately implement.

This Course Is Especially Designed For:

– General Contractors

– Subcontractors

– Specialty Contractors

– Installers

– Builders & Developers

– Service Contractors

– Suppliers & Distributors

Course Description

Being low bidder won’t win enough profitable work today. To develop a successful BIZ-Development action plan to grow your business, generate more sales and win more construction contracts, jobs, orders and repeat business, you’ve got to give customers better reasons to award your company the business. Some customers buy low price, but many others select differentiating value-added factors, exceptional service or trusted relationships.

George Hedley will show you how to find and attack new, profitable and repeat loyal customers by targeting new markets, going after better customers, offering value-added services, finding ongoing service work, and changing how you do business. Learn how to overcome the low-bid process by seeking better opportunities, getting on the right bid lists, finding more viable leads, converting repeat into loyal customers, presenting professional presentations, setting your company apart from the competition, differentiating, improving your estimating and bidding strategy, developing an effective bid follow-up system and tracking your bid-success ratio. Learn proven winning proposal & negotiating strategies, get you in front of decision makers and give customers what they want by offering more than the minimum required.

George Hedley, professional business coach, author of the bestseller: “Get Your Business To Work!” and “Construction Entrepreneur of the Year” award winner will share how to implement his proven step by step Business Success Blueprint’ system to build your business and get your company to work the way you want it to and reach your business and personal goals. Create action plans to continually work on improving your business. Every contractor, builder, subcontractor, specialty contractor and supplier, large or small, will benefit. Presented with enthusiasm, high energy and lots of practical ideas.

Upon completing this program you should be able to:

  1. Implement a winning BIZ-Development, marketing, sales strategy
  2. Develop a winning proposal, estimating and bidding strategy
  3. Win more profitable customers and contracts
  4. Give customers better reasons to award your company more contracts
  5. Get in front of decision makers, negotiate & present winning proposals
  6. Set your company apart from the competition and offer more
  7. Improve your proposal bid-hit success ratio.

Grow Your Construction Business!

– How To Find New Customers & Win More Contracts

CLASSES – Each class is 1 hour:

1. Find Profitable Customers, Markets, Projects, Opportunities & Services

2. Develop A Winning Estimating, Bid & Proposal Strategy To Win More Contracts

3. Presentation Strategies To Overcome The Low Bid Process

4. Draft Your BIZ-DEV Strategic Growth Plan & Target Profitable Customers

5. Implement A Pro-Active Marketing & Sales BIZ-Development Action Plan

Are you bidding too many projects against too many competitors?

The key is to figure out what sets your company apart, the right target customers who value what your offer and then go out and make it happen. Stop chasing the low bid jobs! The ‘Business Success Blueprint’ system works! And you can’t wait any longer to start using it. If you are still working 24-7 and aren’t getting rich, making lots of money, creating wealth that delivers huge cash-flow to you every month, something is wrong with how you do business.

Ready To Grow Your Construction Business?