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Are You Ready To Take Your Construction Business To The Next Level?

Owning, running, managing, and building a construction business is the toughest job in the world. Wouldn’t it be great to have a trusted group of business advisors plus a construction business coach you could ask questions and talk to on a regular basis? Our ongoing construction business owner round table peer group BIZGROUPS act as your personal Board Of Directors, who’ll help you make good decisions how to run your construction company, improve construction marketing and increase sales, get organized, and make more construction profit.

We have membership spots designed and available for you in our mastermind round table peer groups. You can belong to a small group of compatible construction business owners in a regularly structured support group discussing & solving your issues.

BIZGROUP Membership Includes:

  • Mastermind Owner Peer Group 2 day meetings
  • Meeting held twice yearly at rotating locations
  • Locations include Western, Central & Eastern USA
  • Members can attend other BIZGROUP meetings
  • Personal Strategy Sessions with George Hedley
  • BIZCOACH phone calls with George Hedley
  • BIZGROUP Group Coaching Calls
  • Group dinners, relationship building time & lots of fun
  • Discounts on all other Hardhat services

Take Your Construction Business To the Next Level Right Now!

To get complete brochure, membership details, calendar, costs & more information:

Email George at: