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The Hardhat BizSchool Premier Package includes all the following four courses!

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Everything you need to know to own, build, manage, run, operate and grow a successful profitable construction company.

Draft and Implement the BIZ-BUILDER BLUEPRINT Action Plan For Contractors to become a ‘Best In Class’ BIZ.

Regular Price – 4 Courses @ $199. Each $796.00

Discounted Price @ 40% OFF



Includes 4 BIZSCHOOL Courses # 1 thru 4 with over 20 Hours of Video Downloadable Classes & 4 PDF 30 page Workbooks.

Course 1 – Get Your Construction Business To Work!

Course 2 – Nine Numbers Every Contractor Needs To Know To Always Make A Profit!

Course 3 – Grow Your Construction Business!

Course 4 – Construction Field, Project Management & Productivity Systems That Work!


This BIZ-BUILDER PREMIER PACKAGE – Downloadable Video Program Includes:

  • BIZSCHOOL Courses # 1 thru 4 with over 20 hours of classes, training and learning.
  • George Hedley presenting in his easy to understand clear step by step style.
  • PowerPoint slides to make the educational concepts simple to understand and implement.
  • Download these courses to your computer or iPad to watch anytime.
  • Downloadable PDF Workbooks with lots of templates, checklists, examples & solutions.

Get Your Construction Business To Work

Talk to 95 out of every 100 construction business owners with less than 100 employees and follow their progress for 10 to 20 years. You’ll hear the same sad story repeated over and over. They work too hard for the effort and risk they take. They don’t make any real money or have enough left over to invest. They can’t stop working or take much time off to do what they want.

9 Numbers Contractors Must Know To Profit

Working hard and keeping busy is not the goal of your construction company. The goal of every business is to make a profit, get a return for the risk you take, and pay the owner well for all the hard work they perform. By investing in this course, you will learn the fundamentals of how to calculate the correct overhead and profit mark-up and costs to run your company like a professional business owner.

Construction Marketing, Proposal, Sales

Learn construction marketing, construction proposal strategies, construction sales systems, construction estimating, how to set your company apart from your competition, end the low bid syndrome, and generate a steady stream of profitable work

Construction Project Management Classes, Management Systems

In this online construction course and construction education workshop you’ll learn how to get organized and in-control of your construction project management systems and field productivity to deliver consistent results and hit your construction project goals

Get all of the powerful courses bundled together for $477