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Tired of working too hard, not making enough money, and staying stuck at the

same level year after year?

gerge-hedley Business basics and operational systems are the key to getting your company to grow and make a profit year after year. You can learn what it takes to build a profitable construction company that grows, makes money, is organized, and delivers to your bottom-line.

George Hedley, construction business expert, certified speaking professional, licensed professional business coach, and author of ‘Get Your Business To Work!’ and ‘The Business Success Blueprint For Contractors!’ has created a series of online learning opportunities for you.

In these courses, George will personally teach you his proven business system to get your business to work, make more money, generate more sales, get organized & in-control, sell more than low price, improve field & project management, develop a winning team, maximize productivity, and always make a profit.

*Learn how to build your construction business!

These online courses are designed to help you:

  • Build and grow your construction business,
  • Make more money,
  • Get organized and,
  • Always make a profit.

What’s included in every course:

  • Every course is presented by George Hedley in his practical ‘nuts & bolts’ style. You’ll watch videos of him teaching you plus view PowerPoint slides as he walks you through the fundamentals needed to get your business to work, grow and profit. Each course is broken down into 5 part ‘step-by-step’ classes. Each course contains 5 hours of videos. These videos are professionally recorded and can be viewed anytime and anywhere, allowing you to learn at your own pace and your own time!
  • Downloadable WORKBOOKS Included!
    Each course you’ll get a downloadable detailed workbookto follow along with, clearly outlining ‘how-to’ examples, systems and forms ready to immediately implement.

Still need to think about this opportunity to learn from an expert?

Let me ask you…

Are You Only Making $17.50 Per Hour?

Like most construction business owners and managers, you work lots of hours and still can’t get everything done. Plus you aren’t making enough $$$ for all of your hard work! If you work 12 to 14 hours a day, six days a week you are probably putting in over 4,300 hours per year. And if you only take home $50,000 to $75,000 a year, that works out to around $17.50 per hour GROSS! And if you only take home $50,000 to $75,000 a year, that works out to around $17.50 per hour GROSS!

You’re worth more than $17.50 per hour!

Owning a construction business is not fair. There’s too much competition
bidding on too few jobs. And you don’t get paid enough for the hours you
work and the risk you take. What’s the answer?

Learn what the top 5% of all general contractors and subcontractors have figured out how to make lots of money, even in this economy.

Do you know what they do that you don’t?

Working harder and chasing more of the same type of jobs is not the answer. I have been fortunate to personally helped over 10,000 contractors quickly get to the next level with my step by step BIZ-Builder Blueprint For Contractors. These construction business owners and managers took a risk, changed their business plans, implemented some fundamental changes to how they run their companies, and made a decision to do whatever it takes to finally start growing and make more profit.

Working harder only gets you tired!

Keep doing what you’ve always done and you know what you’ll get – more of the same! Keep bidding the same type of jobs and go nowhere! Keep running your jobs without knowing your costs and you can’t make money. Keep working for customers who cut your prices and you will never get ahead. Trying to run your construction business without key employees or a written business plan and you’ll continue to spiral downward until you run completely out of money.

When is your wake-up call?

I just got a call from a concrete – masonry contractor who first attended one of my free Hardhat Webinars. He next took online classes at Hardhat BIZSCHOOL, and then attended my 2 day contractor Profit-Builder Circle Academy boot-camp a few months later. As a result, he learned what he had to do to make real money, get organized, find better customers and get his company working for him without him doing all the important work and making all the decisions.

He went back and set goals and implemented a strategic plan to install field and project management systems, design an organizational structure, build a management team, install controls, monitor and track field production targets, get a handle on his job costs, and find better customers who appreciate his dedication to quality workmanship. Recently he joined one of our ongoing mastermind peer Hardhat BIZ-GROUPS that meet twice a year with other like-minded construction business owners in a roundtable setting. He says things are better than ever now, he has turned over the day-to-day to his managers, he spends most of his time with customers, and is planning on taking one week off every month from now on. WOW!

Want to take 12 weeks off every year with pay?

Well, now it’s your chance to make a decision to build a profitable construction business or turn your company around for once and for all. By following our step by step ‘Business Success Blueprint For Contractors’ you too can make your dreams become a reality. Get started by signing up for a series of online courses and classes, get a copy of one of our books, join an ongoing BIZCOACH program, or if you want to jumpstart your future hire George Hedley as your personal mentor and coach.

What are you waiting for?

“How can I find the time?”

“Plus it will probably cost a lot of money, right?”

Your choice! Don’t learn what the top contractors do, how to make money and grow your construction company. And guess what? You can keep doing what doesn’t work until you run out of money! Or you can finally decide to invest in yourself! You can’t afford not to learn how to implement systems and follow proven steps to make more money and grow your business. If you were offered the opportunity to invest a small amount of money to learn how to make over $100,000 every year, would you take the chance? How can you ever expect to make lots of money doing what you are currently doing without any training, help, or advice from an expert?


*Complete online classes of how to run a construction company from start to finish.

Want more from George? Have George at your next presentation, join a BIZGROUP, or hire George as your BIZCOACH. Read more below!


Meet George Hedley

George Hedley founded & built his commercial construction company from $0 to $50 million dollars in only 7 years! As recognition, George was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Venture magazine and Ernst & Young. Mr. Hedley’s expertise is based on his experience owning, leading and managing a profitable construction and real estate development company. He has served as President of 3 industry trade associations and is the author of “The Business Success Blueprint” series; “On-Purpose…On-Target!”; “Everything Contractors Know About Making A Profit” and the bestseller: “Get Your Business To Work!”

George Hedley is one of the top professional speakers to the construction industry in the country. He owns HARDHAT Presentations and presents over 50 speeches, seminars and workshops to companies and associations every year. He is also available to speak at your organization. His BIZ-Building Programs include topics on: Building Sales, Profits, Leaders, Field Productivity, Estimating and Getting Your Business To Work!

As a Licensed Professional Business Coach, George’s Hardhat BIZCOACH program will work with you personally and help your company grow and profit. Construction business owners and managers are invited to attend his 2 day Profit-Builder Circle Academy boot-camp or become a member of an ongoing executive mastermind peer BIZ-GROUP that meets regularly with other BIZ owners. He is also available to facilitate your Strategic Planning retreat or serve on your Board of Directors.