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How To Lead, Manage, Supervise & Coach A Winning Team!

For Owners, Managers, Supervisors & Foreman!

This ‘hands-on’ downloadable course is broken into 9 short 30 minute training modules designed to be presented at company meetings, training sessions or in person. It will show your foremen, managers and leaders how to become effective leaders and improve bottom-line results. George Hedley presents in his interactive ‘real-world’ direct style how winning coaches get players and teams to perform in the office or out on the job site. You’ll watch him share proven effective leadership and management techniques using PowerPoint slides and a detailed workbook with examples, systems and checklists as he walks you through the fundamentals needed to build strong teams and improve project performance.

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9 Module Video Course

 1. Lead A Winning Team!

Running a successful company, project, crew or team starts with an effective leadership and winning coaching strategy.
You’ll learn how to influence players to win with an inspiring vision, taking charge, motivating players, innovating and working

2. Influence Players To Win!

Learn how to build a winning team with integrity, respect, trust, recognition, influence, and making people want to follow you

3. Realize People Are Different!

Building a winning team takes a systematic approach to providing clear expectations, providing regular recognition and
praise, sharing the big picture, appreciating others, showing you care and delegating control

4. Develop Winning Players!

Implement strategies to achieve bottom-line results thru people by inspiring people to follow, calling the right plays,
improving productivity, training and taking your team to the next level

5. Draft A Winning Team Structure!

Practical steps to design an accountable and responsible team. Learn to put the right players in the right positions and build
a winning organizational chart with clear position descriptions to get everyone on the same page

6. Implement Winning Management Systems!

Stop solving other people’s problems, making decisions for supervisors and doing other player’s work. Draft team
playbooks, enforce your systems and procedures, and organize winning team action plans

7. Delegate, Let Go And Trust Others To Perform!

Learn how to let go of control to improve people’s performance. Achieving winning results start with empowering others and
letting them perform at a higher level without your constant micro-managing

8. Set Winning Targets & Goals!

Winning starts with achieving great results and keeping score. Develop scorecard tracking systems, set clear targets and
goals, deadlines, milestones and feedback systems to keep everyone informed of their progress

9. Winning Construction BIZ Leadership Strategies!

In this bonus session, you’ll learn how to build a great place to work, develop a ‘promotion from within’ culture, develop
emerging future leaders and supervisors, implement winning playbooks, hold mandatory team meetings, leverage yourself
and implement planning tools for success

How To Lead, Manage, Supervise & Coach A Winning Team!For Owners, Managers, Supervisors & Foreman!


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