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You Know What Ticks Me Off?


Things That Tick Me Off…part 1…

It amazes me what business owners and managers continue to do that lowers their performance, results, effectiveness, brand and image. What do you think about my pet peeve list?

  1. Contractors Who Get Bad Results Over & Over!

Contractors are still complaining there’s too much competition and their margins have to be too low to make any money. When they continue to bid jobs against too many competitors and offer the SAME as everyone else providing only the minimum required, all they have to sell is low price. Why are you still waiting for it to get better? Change your focus, go after better customers and find a better way to do business! Do something different to get different results!

  1. People Who Cancel Appointments At The Last Minute!

Maybe this is only my pet peeve and drives me crazy. I block out specific times to prepare for and then meet with clients. Too often they cancel at the last minute or don’t even cancel at all leaving me waiting for them. They offer excuses like – I couldn’t get out of a meeting, I got hung up at a job site, I had to deal with a problem, I forgot to look at my calendar, or something more important came up than you. First, this practice is disrespectful and it shows their priorities aren’t in order. Second, obviously their digital calendars must be broken or out of order. Thirdly, they don’t know how to say ‘no’ to others who steal time from them. Fourth, (I should stop here before I lose all of my great clients!) – I guess no consequences = no accountability!

  1. People Who Want Help But Don’t Want To Pay!

I get at least 5 emails a week from contractors who are in trouble or need help with business issues that’s costing them lots of money, field issues, people problems, customers, or stress. I call them back and discuss their needs or problems, and then offer ideas and a program to improve and better their company. I tell them my standard fees for BIZCOACH services or speaking at their meeting. Then I never hear from most of them again! Why? They must think losing money and living with their challenges are worth more than paying a few dollars to get better, turn their company around, or make more money. Or they think they can fix their problems alone, live with their issues like they have for the last several years, or continue to hope their challenges go away on their own.

  1. Contractors Who Are Too Stubborn To Hire People!

In the improved economy, most contractors are super busy and can’t do everything well with the team of people they have. And they can’t do more because they can’t do more. Or they figure they can work more hours, do more themselves, give their people more to handle, and have crews work more overtime. When you’re maxed out, your company can’t grow, do more, make more, or attract better customers and projects. And when people are tired and overworked, they quit and find a better job. The only solution is to hire more people. But hiring is a big job and takes time and effort. So they don’t do it and stay stuck, don’t grow, continue to make mistakes, and not make as much money as there is available to make. What’s the solution? – You know what you need to do. Stop being cheap or afraid, and do what you need to do! Hire!

Got anything that ticks you off? 

Let me know and I will add it to the list. 

Here are a few more we can discuss next month: 

  1. Sales People Who Waste Your Time!
  2. Managers Who Tolerate Poor Performers!
  3. Contractors Who Don’t Finish Their Work!
  4. Suppliers Not Attending Contractor Sessions!
  5. ???