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Mastermind Ongoing Roundtable

Construction Business Owner Peer Groups!     

Facilitated By George Hedley – Construction Business Coach

Exclusively For Construction Company Owners! 

Are You Ready To Take Your Construction Business To The Next Level?

Now Forming!  If You Qualify, You’re Invited To Join!

Running and Building a Construction Company Alone Is Lonely!

Owning, running, managing, and building a construction business is the toughest job in the world.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a trusted group of business advisors plus a construction business coach you could ask questions and talk to on a regular basis?  Our ongoing construction business owner roundtable peer group BIZ-GROUPS act as your personal Board Of Directors, who’ll help you make good decisions how to run your construction company, improve construction marketing and increase sales, get organized, and make more construction profit.

We have membership spots designed and available for you in our mastermind roundtable peer groups.  You can belong to a small group of compatible construction business owners in a regularly structured support group discussing & solving your issues.

Tired of working too hard and not making enough money? 

Are you ready to take the next step to do what it takes to grow and build your construction business and make more $$$$?  You have an opportunity to join other successful construction company owners who have committed to take their companies to the next level.  These smart industry leaders decided to change how they do business and don’t settle for less than the best.  They said “NO” to a business that runs them ragged, keeps them awake at night, doesn’t deliver the results they want, and keeps them stressed out and over-worked for the money they make.

Ongoing Mastermind Roundtable Peer Construction Business Owner BIZ-GROUPS

  • – Are Led By George Hedley, America’s Leading Construction Business Coach
  • – Regularly Meet Around the Country In Major Cities & Resorts
  • – Include Professional Facilitation, Construction Training & Education
  • – Create Accountability & Responsibility To Achieve Bottom-Line Results
  • – Generate More Sales, Win More Bids & Earn More Construction Profits
  • – Develop Trusted Relationships With Other Construction Business Owners
  • – Learn From America’s Top Contractor Education Professional

It’s About Achieving More Construction Profit, Faster Growth & Results!

Every construction business owner can benefit from a personal board of advisors that meets on a regular basis. Today’s business executive face increasingly difficult challenges.  Competition is fierce, resources are stretched, and every day it gets tougher.  It’s a real challenge and almost impossible building your construction company yourself and making every decision without the benefit and input from other people who face the same challenges as you do.

You can tap into ideas and wisdom of a small group of success driven entrepreneurs in a professionally lead ongoing board of directors setting.  As a member of an ongoing Construction Business Owner BIZ-GROUP, you’ll generate fresh thinking, new ideas and clear perspectives on decisions you need to make.

It’s stressful being the boss and hard to be objective about your own challenges and what decisions you should make about your future.  And you can’t really discuss all your sensitive and important business issues with managers, employees, friends and family.  These roundtable owner peer groups are designed to allow each member to share their problems, issues or challenges, then ask for advice, and get candid input.

By being open and honest with the other members of your business peer group, you can get to the heart of your business problems, be open to new ideas, get unbiased adviceand make necessary changes to meet your goals. You’ll receive direct honest feedback and develop action plans you can immediately implement to grow and build a construction business.

9 Reasons To Join A BIZ-GROUP Now!

Construction Business Owner Peer Group Membership Includes:

  • 1. BIZ-GROUP 2 Day Meetings Twice / Year
  • 2. Accountability – Be Forced To Change & Grow
  • 3. Contractor Education – Learn How Others Make $$$
  • 4. Personal BIZ-Builder Strategy Sessions with George
  • 5. Bi-Monthly Webinars & Construction Management Training
  • 6. Regular Construction Business Coach Group Phone Calls
  • 7. Discounts on George’s Services, Construction Workshops
  • 8. Time To Meet and Get To Know Other BIZ-Owners In similar Businesses
  • 9. Lots of Fun

Stop Waiting For The Construction Business To Get Better!

When you commit to become a Construction Business Owner BIZ-GROUP member, you’ll regularly meet with a group of compatible non-competing construction business owners, principals and officers from 10 or more other general contractors, builders and subcontractors for peer-to-peer accountability, new ideas, systems, support and direction.

Members participate in 2 full day meetings twice a year divided between construction business training, construction business coaching, mentoring and accountability action plans. You’ll work side by side in a trusted confidential forum and discuss your financial goals, management strengths and weaknesses, organizational chart needs, steps to get your business to grow, and how you can make changes to make more construction profit. And we have a lot of fun together! Also included is regular personal phone calls and construction business coaching with George Hedley.

Accountability & Trusted Relationships!

Construction Business Owner BIZ-GROUP mastermind peer groups are the sure choice to make your goals become reality.  You’ll learn from others who face the same problems you do.  Plus you’ll develop deep lifetime relationships and friends you can bounce ideas off.  You’ll be integral part of a structured group discussing personal and professional issues.

Stop making the same mistakes over and over again.  Learn how other business owners run their construction companies.  Construction education topics can range from construction business plans, strategy, employees, compensation, construction marketing, sales, what to charge, contracts, change orders, construction cost estimating, field systems, bonuses, mark-up, leadership, life balance, or how to find a better banker and bonding agent.

Value, Personal Growth, Lasting Friendships & New Experiences!

Based on your company qualifications, size, competitors and geographic location, you’ll be placed in a group that will help you the most. Members are screened to insure no competitors or conflicts occur. To qualify, you must be an owner, stockholder, principal, or officer of a privately held company that has a minimum amount of annual gross sales and employees.  More importantly, you must have a positive winning attitude, be able to fit in with the group, and be willing to open up and share. As a bonus, members are entitled to bring additional compatible owners, principals, or officers to the meetings.

Get Professional Construction Business Coaching Advice You Need! 

In preparation for every meeting, George Hedley as your personal construction business coach, will have an individual Personal Strategy Session phone coaching call with each member to review their issues, challenges, progress, goals and financials.  Confidentiality is mandatory and no issues will be shared outside of the group.

Are you too busy working to make any money?

We know you’re busy and can’t find any time to stop working, think or plan.  It’s hard to take a few days off from your everyday activities and don’t want to commit.  Plus the financial investment might seem like a lot of money.  But considering our members have experienced extreme improvements in their sales and bottom-line profits, the investment is small.  The financial commitment is peanuts compared with the return our members routinely achieve.  In fact, the annual membership fee is less than one bid mistake, the cost of losing a customer, making a bad employee decision, or going after the wrong kind of projects.  Plus if you are not satisfied, we will refund your money!

BIZ-GROUP Membership Includes:

  • – Mastermind Owner Peer Group 2 day meetings
  • – Meeting held twice yearly at rotating locations
  • – Locations include Western, Central & Eastern USA
  • – Members can attend other BIZ-GROUP meetings
  • – Personal Strategy Sessions with George Hedley
  • – BIZCOACH phone calls with George Hedley
  • – BIZ-HUB LinkedIn Group for advice & questions
  • – Webinars to grow your BIZ & make more $$$
  • – BIZ-GROUP Group Coaching Calls
  • – Group dinners, relationship building time & lots of fun
  • – Discounts on all other Hardhat services

– 100% Money Back Guarantee!

To get complete brochure, membership details, calendar, costs & more information:


Want to talk to see if this is for you?  Call George Hedley @ 800-852-2005