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Numbers Every Contractor Needs To Know To Always Make A Profit!

Numbers Every Contractor Needs To Know To Always Make A Profit!

Online Construction Education & Training Course Includes:

George Hedley CSP LPBC America’s Leading Construction Business Coach & Certified Speaking Professional To The Construction Industry.

Online Construction Accounting Course Includes

  1. Five 1 Hour Construction Accounting Classes Explaining The Basics
  2. George Hedley Presenting In His Easy To Understand Step By Step Style
  3. PowerPoint Slides To Make The Construction Accounting Concepts Simple
  4. Downloadable Workbook Ready to Implement & Refer To

Want To Always Make A Construction Profit?

  • Do You Know And Track Your Numbers?
  • Do You Charge The Right Overhead and Profit Mark-Up?
  • Do You Use Accurate Labor and Equipment Costs?
  • Are Your Crew & Job Costs Accurate?
  • Do You Understand Construction Accounting?
  • Do You Know How To Manage Your Money?
  • Want To Make More Construction Profit?

Making money in construction starts with knowing your numbers!

Doing excellent work doesn’t really matter if you don’t know your numbers and what price you need to charge to always make a construction profit. Unfortunately most construction company owners and managers don’t have a good understanding how to run their business from a financial perspective. They rely on their bookkeeper to do the math and pay the bills. And then at the end of the year their accountant tells them if they made any money. Not a great way to manage your company.

Working hard and keeping busy is not the goal of your construction company. The goal of every business is to make a profit, get a return for the risk you take, and pay the owner well for all the hard work they perform. By investing in this course, you will learn the fundamentals of how to calculate the correct overhead and profit mark-up and costs to run your company like a professional business owner.

What’s the point of working hard without making a profit
and a high $$$ return on your investment?

In our contractor school – this online construction course titled:

9 Numbers Every Contractor Needs To Know To Always Make A Profit!

you’ll learn these construction business management key success factors:

  1. How To Calculate Accurate Job Costs
  2. Construction Accounting Made Simple
  3. Determine Sales, Overhead, Mark-Up & Profit Goals
  4. The 12 Step Formula To Always Make A Profit
  5. How To Understand Financials & Income Statements
  6. Fast Collections and Controls
  7. Maximize Your Banking & Bonding

“I want to show you the numbers you need to know to manage your construction company, make more money and always make a profit!” -George Hedley

7 Reasons You Must Watch This 5 Hour Construction Course!

You’ll Learn How To:

  1. Learn how to manage your money like a pro!
  2. Estimate accurate labor, equipment and crew costs!
  3. Always make a profit, become wealthy and generate equity!
  4. Calculate the right construction mark-up for overhead and profit!
  5. Get a handle on what it takes to make money in your business!
  6. Meet your personal and business financial goals!
  7. Enjoy the benefits of owning a business that pays you what you deserve!

Learn 9 Numbers Every Contractor MUST KNOW To Make A Profit!
Whether you are starting a construction company or building your construction business, you need to learn, track and know your numbers to always make a construction profit, manage your finances, charge the right price, and feel confident you are on the right track to become financially independent.

This in-depth 5 hour construction education and construction accounting course is presented by George Hedley in his practical ‘nuts & bolts’ style. You’ll watch him teach, view his PowerPoint slides and follow along in the workbook as he walks you through the fundamentals needed to always make a construction profit. The course is broken down into 5 ‘step-by-step’ one hour classes. Plus you’ll get a downloadable detailed workbook with clearly outlined ‘how-to’ examples, templates, strategies, systems and forms ready to immediately implement.

This Course Is Especially Designed For:

  • General Contractors & Subcontractors
  • Specialty Contractors, Service Contractors & Installers
  • Builders & Developers
  • CPAs, Accountants, CFOs, Accounting Managers & Bookkeepers
  • Construction Company Owners & Managers
  • Everyone Who Wants To Learn Construction Accounting Basics

Construction Accounting Course Description

Every successful construction business owner and manager understands that making a construction profit starts with knowing your numbers, managing your money, and a clear understanding of what it costs to run your business. Reach your financial goals by learning how much construction profit you should make; return on equity; the right overhead, margin, and construction markup. Includes how to estimate accurate crew rates, equipment rates, labor burden rates and job costs. Also clearly understand accounts receivables; assets and liabilities; cash management; realistic profit goals; and achievable sales targets.

Construction Accounting Made Simple!Knowing and tracking your exact sales volume, material costs, equipment costs, field labor costs, subcontractor costs, overhead expenses, working capital and profit goals are key to making more money. Includes the 12 step formula to always make a profit, how to calculate your fixed overhead cost, and develop a standardized estimating bid template with total job cost, general conditions, and variable mark-up.

Building Construction Training and Contractor Classes – George Hedley will also show you how to read your balance sheet, construction profit & loss statement, work in progress reports, budgets, accounts receivable aging, cash reports, and backlog tracking. A must for all contractors, subcontractors, specialty contractors, and builders who want to make more construction profit!

  1. Manage & understand 9 numbers every profitable contractor knows
  2. Use the ’12 Step Formula To Always Make A Construction Profit
  3. Calculate the right Overhead & Construction Profit Markup to charge
  4. Know Your Accurate Job Costs, Labor Burden & Equipment Costs
  5. Track your Accounts Receivables & Cash
  6. Understand Work In Progress Schedules, Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Return, Working Capital, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, & Completed Contracts Schedules

George Hedley CSP LPBC, professional construction business coach, author of the bestseller: “Get Your Business To Work!” and “Construction Entrepreneur of the Year” award winner will share how to implement his proven step by step formula to always make a profit and make more money so you can get your company to work the way you want it to and reach your business and personal goals. Every contractor, builder, subcontractor, specialty contractor and supplier, large or small, will benefit. Presented with enthusiasm, high energy and lots of practical ideas.

Upon completing this program you should be able to:

  1. Estimate accurate job costs, labor, equipment, and crew rates.
  2. Use standard job cost estimating templates to develop accurate estimates and bids.
  3. Learn the 12 step formula to always make a construction profit.
  4. Learn how to calculate your job costs, general conditions, overhead, and profit mark-up.
  5. Create a written construction business plan with targets and goals for growth, sales, systems and profit.

9 Numbers Every Contractor Needs To Know To Always Make A Profit!

Online CONSTRUCTION COURSE – Includes Five 1 Hour Classes:

  1. How To Calculate Accurate Job Costs
  2. Construction Accounting Made Simple
  3. Overhead, Construction Markup, Contracts & Construction Profit Goals
  4. The 12 Step Formula To Always Make A Construction Profit
  5. Financials, Collections , Controls & Bonding


Are you too busy working to know your numbers?

The key is to figure out what you want to make and then go out and make it happen! George Hedley’s ‘Business Success Blueprint‘ system works! And you can’t wait any longer to start using it. If you are still working 24-7 and aren’t getting rich, making lots of money, creating wealth that delivers huge cash-flow to you every month, something is wrong with how you do business. Don’t wait. Get started knowing your 9 numbers now!


Ready To Know Your 9 Numbers & Always Make A Construction Profit?


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