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Overworked & Underpaid?

Being a contractor is the toughest business in the world. Lots of moving parts and nothing in your control. And even if you do a good job, making money and getting paid is not easy either.
I keep hearing the same things from business owners:
– I need to get organized.
– I can’t find enough good help.
– I do too much myself.
– I don’t know my numbers.
– I don’t make enough money for the risk I take.
– What should I do next to get to the next level?

Now what? Getting what you want from your business starts with knowing what you want. You don’t want to be overworked or underpaid. You want a balanced life, a great management team, loyal customers, and to make lots of money, all without working too many hours. You also want to feel in control and know your plan is working.

How do I get what I want? You need a game plan that will take you to the endzone and win the game of business. And to do it faster and easier you need a coach and motivators who will encourage you to do what you need to do. When you try to improve and make it on your own without any advice or genuine pro-active help, the game is harder than it should be. What are you doing to get some help?

Overworked & Underpaid

What should I do to become OVER-paid & UNDER-worked?
There’s no silver bullet or magic trick to fix you or your company. But a proven plan and a support team will help you reach your targets faster and quicker. By dedicating time and money to finding solutions will keep you moving towards reaching your goals. Waiting for something to happen or hoping things get better will keep you stuck in the same spot.

Where should I start? When you have too much on your plate, it’s hard to decide what to do first. Shoot me an email to talk about what it will take to get you headed in the right direction. We will start by looking at your top priorities and what will give you the biggest return. It might be hiring a manager, or installing a system, or starting a customer loyalty program, or offering referrals for new employees, or getting a handle on your job costs and overhead markup.

Overworked & Underpaid 2

Need Help With Your BIZ-PLAN?
I want to help you develop the steps to take to get your company organized and systemized and get to the next level. Send an email to set a time to talk about your company and where you want it to go. Email

Overworked & Underpaid 3

Best In Class Construction Companies take the time to WORK-ON their businesses. They realize the only way to get better is to stop and identify what they need to FIX, set goals to improve, assign team players to make it happen, and commit to get together on a regular basis to meet and track the progress.