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Start 2016 Headed For The Right Finish Line!

Start 2016 Headed For The Right Finish Line!

Start 2016 Headed To Victory!
I used to race Harbor 20 Sailboats. It was fun and exciting but difficult to win against the sailors who really knew how to tune their boats and take the right line to maximize the wind. As a competitive person, I would try to be aggressive and get to the front of the pack, but it was not easy to beat the better sailors.

What I noticed was the regular winners would always seem to be first off the starting line. They worked hard to get to the right spot at the front of the fleet to get clear wind and the fastest line to the next mark. They had the systems and techniques to win and knew the best route better than all the other racers.

What’s Your Path To Victory?
As we start the new year, I notice that the top construction business owners implement the best techniques and have a clear path to achieve a winning year. They have standardized systems everyone uses and a written business plan they follow to find the best customers, projects, and people to maximize their bottom-line.

Get your year started headed in the right direction by identifying 1 or 2 systems you need to get installed in your company. Write down your path you’ll take to achieve your goals. Stay ahead of your competitors by focusing on the right strategies, don’t get off course and distracted by following slow boats or old techniques that don’t get you to the front of the line at the finish.

Start 2016 Headed For The Right Finish Line! 2