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Tips & Tricks To Make More $$

Tips & Tricks To Make More $$

Over the last few months I have added several ebooks, workbooks, templates, tips and tricks for contractors to use to make more money and help their BIZ get better.

1. At our last Construction Business Owner BIZ-GROUP meeting, I had every member take a “Built To Sell” test I created to determine if their company was valuable or ready to sell. The many factors to make your company more valuable to an outside investor include:

  • Dependence On the Owner
  • Strength Of Management Team
  • Operational Systems, Structure & Controls
  • Customers, Marketing & Sales Systems
  • Future Growth & Profit Potential
  • Profit Margin & Past Performance
  • Competitive Advantage, Uniqueness & Differentiation
  • Financial Management & Accounting Systems

2. Many of my BIZCOACH clients are adding regular meetings to their management style. As a result I created an ebook titled “Management Meetings That Make Your Construction BIZ Work” which includes agendas and topics to cover for each meeting suggested. Want a copy?

3. Before I visit a BIZCOACH client to facilitate their company management meeting and help them develop their BIZ-BUILDER BLUEPRINT and Strategic Plan, I always email them a workbook to fill out to prepare. Want a copy?

4. Most of my clients are now tracking their field production using crew labor scorecards to improve results. Want a sample?

5. I just sent my new book titled: “Get Your Construction BIZ To Always Make A Profit!” to the printer. It should finally be out in a few weeks or months. Want a copy of the first 2 chapters?

Want one of the above tips & tricks ebooks?
Email George.
I have developed over 100 other ebooks, templates, worksheets, and forms for my BIZCOACH clients.
Need some help? Let George know.